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Andrew Martin,

Former Texan, visited Cambodia 3 years ago. With a background in busines, He saw the tremendous need while doing continual outreaches at Phnom Pehn Cities dump. He was constantly asked for help by the occupying Khmer & was moved by the situation.


"I saw that my help was just temporal, and wanted a lasting solution." - Andrew


He had the heart and God had the right people in line. Da, featured in photo above, learned how to crochet off the internet. She took this knowledge and spread it among the women, and out came these adorable Critters!


His goal is to simply help these women attain

hope for a future and income for

their Familys.


He visits weekly, if not daily

to make sure they have all they need.

They are on an "Item per Item" pay.


Pieces are priced depending on how many & the difficulty of the item.

The money goes straight into their pockets :)


It is a very free and light environment! they love the Lord and are in The Word daily.


"I don't just want to help their physical needs, but their Spiritual ones too!" - Andrew

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